Filmmaker Danae Elon captures her return home in 'P.S. Jerusalem'

Filmmaker Danae Elon decided she wanted to go home to Jerusalem, with a family-in-tow, and camera in hand. She filmed her family adjusting to the politics, focused her lens on her boys making friends across the Israeli-Palestinian divide and in the process confronted her own hopeful vulnerabilities.
Danae Elon chronicles returning home and finding your roots in the film 'P.S. Jerusalem'.

"When I think about what I missed most about home was the desert.  On the clear days you could all the way to the dead sea and Jordan." - Danae Elon, director of the film, "P.S. Jerusalem"

Moving back to the place where you grew up is bound to be an emotional journey for anyone who's moved away. But for filmmaker Danae Elon it was more than that.  Because home for her is Jersualem. When she decided to return, after two decades living in the United States, it left her conflicted.  

Her father, a well known author and journalist for the Haaretz newspaper, had grown disillusioned with Israel over the course of his lifetime. Yet the pull back home Danae Elon felt was strong. And so, while pregnant with her third child, she packed up her home in New York City and set off for Jerusalem with her two sons and partner in tow. And, as a filmmaker, she kept her camera running.

Danae Elon's new documentary, "P.S. Jerusalem", is a chronicle of what it's like to return and make a new home in that ancient and conflicted modern city.  It's currently screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF. 

Danae Elon was in our Toronto studio.  

Have you ever lived in Jerusalem?  Does Danae Elon's relationship with the city resonate with you?  Or have you experienced Jerusalem differently? 

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This segment was produced by The Current's Lara O'Brien.