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Peter Mansbridge behind-the-scenes with federal party leaders

CBC's Peter Mansbridge joins Anna Maria to share some behind-the-scenes-insights on three leaders in a dead heat. He talks about the series of interviews he's conducted with the main leaders, where the toughest question turned out to be... the simplest.
CBC News' chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge has conducted a series of exclusive one-on-one interviews with the four major political party leaders to air this week, Monday to Friday. Watch them at (Eric Foss/CBC)
"​What is it about you, that you feel should make you a Prime Minister?"- Peter Mansbridge to Prime Minster Stephen Harper on CBC's The National

That is the final question CBC's chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge has asked of each of the three leaders of Canada's political parties.  It may sound simple. But in the end, it's proven difficult to answer. 

Peter Mansbridge's one-on-one interviews with Conservative leader Stephen Harper, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, and NDP leader Tom Mulcair all aired this week on CBC Television's The National. 

And, while Canadians have had the chance to watch the party leaders campaigning across the country, very few have had the opportunity to sit down face to face with them.

Today we've invited Peter Mansbridge to join us and share his insights about the experience.

Please note: Since Peter Mansbridge's interview with Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will take place and air tomorrow, we didn't ask questions about that conversation. Check The National's website sometime on Friday.

Want to listen to the full Checking-In segment including listener feedback from the week that was on The Current?

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Stephen Harper Interview with Peter Mansbridge

7 years ago
Duration 26:22
Prime Minister Stephen Harper sits down with Peter Mansbridge for an exclusive interview.

Watch Peter Mansbridge one-on-one interviews with Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair.

This segment was produced by The Current's Josh Bloch and Carole Ito.