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ENCORE: How Esther the Wonder Pig is changing lives

Esther is a powerful pig. Her parents, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter quit their jobs, stopped eating meat and bought a farm thanks to Esther the Wonder Pig. And she's been changing lives ever since.

Meet Esther the Wonder Pig

6 years ago
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Meet Esther the Wonder Pig

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Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter moved to the country, became vegans and started an animal refuge — all because of a pig. 

Jenkins and Walter adopted a baby pig named Esther, thinking she was a "micro-pig" and would stay that size, but Esther had other plans, growing to be 300kg (or 650 pounds).

Esther as a baby (Esther The Wonder Pig)

In June, Jenkins and Walter tells The Current's Anna Maria Tremonti about the challenges of raising Esther The Wonder Pig, the process of falling in love with her, and how that relationship has come to revolutionize their lives. 

She's like a four-legged person. She's got so much character and personality. She's so clever, so sensitive, and funny! She makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Jenkins and Walter have written the book Esther The Wonder Pig - Changing The World One Heart at a Time about their experience, and have garnered a robust following online, expanding Esther's ability to inspire far beyond the farm.

Esther is helping people connect to an animal that we've always discounted. We all look the other way when that truck goes by on the highway. We all want to ignore what's happening and she made it impossible for us to ignore.


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