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'Critical Thinking' discourages ideas, says professor

Many argue critical thinking is essential. But a University of Calgary professor argues the teaching of Critical Thinking in our schools is simply negative, and shuts down the very thinking it's trying to nurture. We put the argument to the test.
There are new thoughts on how to teach thinking. Critical versus creative thinking in the classroom is up for debate. (Sigfrid Lundberg/Flickr cc)

University of Calgary professor Patrick Finn says verbal belittling by professors have become a corrosive part of the University experience.  And he believes he knows what to blame.

Patrick Finn says the culprit is "Critical Thinking".

As students head back to school, he thinks there has to be a better way to help teach them.

Patrick Finn is the author of the book "Critical Condition: Replacing Critical Thinking With Creativity". Read an excerpt from the book. He joined us from Calgary.

Susan Gardner is a Philosophy Professor at Capilano University and is the founder and co-director of The Vancouver Institute of Philosophy for Children. She also the director of THINK FUN CAMPS that runs out of the University of the Fraser Valley.

So what do you think about 'Critical Thinking'?

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This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal.