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Save health care, make medicare an election issue, say experts

The conversation that hasn't happened - Health Care. With shifting demographics and shifting health care needs, it's the issue that most Canadians learn about the hard way. Three health experts take the pulse of the parties.. what they are offering and what they all need to consider.
Dr. Matthew Stanbrook, Deputy Editor CMAJ, says health care needs to be a top priority or else we will be stuck with all our problems for years to come. (iStock)
I was told originally when my legs were amputated, 'Don't worry about it, you'll be up dancing in no time.' Nobody said I was going to be paying for the legs I was going to be dancing on in no time.- Christine Caron on The Current

This week here on The Current, we're focusing on health care in the context of the federal election campaign. It's an issue voters consistently rank as a top priority...But it's not one that is getting a lot of attention in the campaign. Tomorrow we'll hear what the three main federal parties are offering Canadians. 

Many aspects of health care are up to the provinces, but it's all under the federal umbrella. 

Today, we have three health care experts on hand to diagnose the problems, and offer their prescriptions for a healthier system. 

Is health care an important issue to you in this campaign... let us know why, or why not?

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This segment was produced by The Current's Sarah Grant.

Tune in tomorrow to hear candidates from the Conservative, Liberal, and NDP parties discuss their positions on health care.

If you want to see an intimate look into how the system works, check Keeping Canada Alive. CBC sent out 60 cameras to hospitals, clinics, and homes across the country to shoot for 24 hours... they have extensive footage on the site, and you can catch the television program on Sunday at 9 p.m.,  9:30 in Newfoundland and parts of Labrador.