Kevin & Alex Newman confront hard truths in father/son relationship

Veteran broadcaster Kevin Newman spent years getting to know audiences but during that time, he and his son Alex were growing further apart. When a teenage Alex finally came out to his dad as gay, it kick started a bigger discussion that was long overdue. They've put it into a book, "All Out."
When Kevin Newman's son came out as gay, he had to check his own homophobia. (Random House)
Kevin Newman has had a distinguished career in broadcasting. But, through all those years, as he was becoming a trusted TV journalist with the public, something different was happening at home . He and his son Alex were growing farther apart.

When a teenaged Alex finally opened up to his family, and came out as gay, it was the start of a bigger discussion about the expectations they had of one another, as father and son..... and as men. 

Kevin and Alex Newman have taken that discussion, and used it as the basis of a book. It's called, "All Out: A Father and Son Confront The Hard Truths That Made Them Better Men."

Kevin and Alex Newman joined Anna Maria in our Toronto studio.

Kevin Newman is a journalist with a long career spanning CTV, CBC, Global and ABC. He is currently co-host of CTV's W5. And Alex Newman is an art director at J Walter Thompson, a marketing firm. 


Can you relate to their experience of father and son... of coming out... and how that's changed your relationship?

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This segment was produced by The Current's Karin Marley and Pacinthe Mattar.