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Thousands protest against al-Shabaab after deadly Somalia bombing

Somalia's information minister says the Somali people are more united than ever before to fight al-Shabaab.
Aamin Ambulance's Mohamed Farah (R) says he's never witnessed a devastation on the scale of the recent Mogadishu attack. (Mohamed Farah)

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Thousands of Somalis gathered to protest in several cities across the country to denounce al-Shabaab militants in the wake of the Mogadishu attack on October 14.

More than 350 were killed and hundreds injured when a truck bomb exploded on a busy road in the city centre — the single deadliest attack in the country's history.

Al-Shabaab has not formally claimed responsibility for the attack.

Mohamed Farah, co-founder of Aamin Ambulance, a volunteer-led paramedic service in Mogadishu, witnessed the devastation and spoke to The Current's Anna Maria Tremonti.

As demonstrations grow, the question now is whether — or how — that anger can be channelled into the fight against the militant group.

Hassan Santur, a Somali-Canadian journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya, talked to Tremonti.

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This segment was produced by The Current's Yamri Taddese.