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Post-election, Canada must recognize truth about multiculturalism

Justin Trudeau's victory speech included a pledge to restore what he called our enviable, inclusive society. This - after the polarizing niqab issue and proposed snitch lines. Lots of people bought into that division and it got ugly. So who are we really... and how exclusive are we willing to be?
Justin Trudeau says he won Monday's federal election because Canadians voted against divisive politics ... and that we want to return to our multicultural values. There's a long road ahead for Mr. Trudeau to walk in order to live up to those ideals. (REUTERS/Chris Wattie )
We believe in our hearts that this country's unique diversity is a blessing bestowed upon us by previous generations of Canadians. We know that our enviable, inclusive society didn't happen by accident and won't continue without effort.-  Prime Minister designate Justin Trudeau, excerpt from victory speech Monday

Justin Trudeau's message was clear: a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. His championing of Canada's 'unique diversity' stood in stark contrast to Stephen Harper's campaign that included references to "old stock Canadians", the "barbaric cultural practices" hotline, and of course, the niqab.

Today we're asking if Justin Trudeau's 'enviable and inclusive' Canada is who we really are and what he should do to revive the country's multicultural values that he championed in his victory speech.    

In your experience, how inclusive is Canada? What actions would you like to see the government take to improve that? 

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This segment was produced by Pacinthe Mattar, Karin Marley and Josh Flear.