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Federal Election 2015: How strategic voting hurts the Green Party

This election was meant to be the year that the Green Party broke through but today we hear from one political pundit who says it could be the party's final hurrah instead, despite Elizabeth May's strengths as a leader.
If it weren't for Elizabeth May, the Green Party would be irrelevant, says Toronto Star columnist Bob Hepburn. (CP/Hannah Yoon)

Going into this federal election, Green Party supporters hoped this would be the one that took their party out of the fringes and into mainstream party status.

But with just days to go until election day, the Green Party appears to be stuck in neutral.

The latest polls suggest its support is sitting around just four percent.

Bob Hepburn is a columnist with the Toronto Star and he says if the party fails to win new seats in Monday's vote, it risks disappearing from the national conversation. 

This segment was produced by The Current's Julian Uzielli.