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Monday: Watch The Current's virtual reality Highway of Tears documentary

The Current has produced a virtual reality documentary about the notorious Highway of Tears where dozens of Indigenous women have gone missing or been murdered. Anna Maria Tremonti is in Prince George, B.C., hosting a public forum and shares more details.
Virtual reality app to watch The Current's documentary launches this Monday, Oct. 17.

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As the federal government launches a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, The Current is launching a series of public forums across the country to explore the issue.

Want to attend the public forum in Prince George? Reserve tickets.

On Oct. 13, Anna Maria Tremonti hosted a public forum in Prince George, B.C., to unveil a new virtual reality documentary on the Highway of Tears — a stretch of Highway 16 in northern B.C. where Indigenous communities say as many as 50 women and girls have gone missing in the past 50 years.

Our documentary shares the story of Ramona Wilson — one of the women who went missing along the Highway of Tears. Ramona was the youngest of six children. She was 16 when she was murdered on June 11, 1994.

Anna Maria Tremonti watches The Current's virtual reality documentary. (Josh Bloch/CBC)

Prince George is the first of our forums. Other locations include Vancouver, Winnipeg and other cities before the end of March.

For listeners who are not in Prince George, starting Monday, Oct. 17, you will be able to download our virtual reality app on your smartphone to get the full, immersive 3D experience. You an also watch a two-dimensional version on Facebook and YouTube.

We will post details about the VR app on The Current's main page on Monday.

Listen to the Prince George public forum broadcast this Monday, Oct. 17 on CBC Radio One at 8:37 a.m.