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The Current for November 29, 2018

On the Thursday edition of The Current: we look at how a condo development in Ottawa that is dividing First Nations; Alan Rusbridger tells us about his 20-year stint as editor of The Guardian; and should policy makers start planning for the physical and mental health impacts of climate change?
Anna Maria Tremonti hosts The Current's 17th season. (CBC)
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On the Thursday edition of The Current:

  • We look at the newly opened O Condos building is part of the $1.5-billion Zibi development in Ottawa, which has divided Algonquin First Nations because of its proximity to the Chaudière Falls.
  • We talk to Alan Rusbridger, the former editor of the Guardian whose 20-year tenure involved explosive investigations and ushering the newspaper in a digital age.
  • A new report argues that climate change is having a measurable impact on our physical and mental health, and policymakers need to plan accordingly.