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The Current for November 26, 2018

Today on The Current: We hear from patients whose medical devices caused suffering, as a new investigation reveals flaws in the way devices are approved and monitored; we learn about the efforts to catch an otter that's causing havoc in a Vancouver's Chinatown; and we meet Harry Leslie Smith, a podcaster in his 90s who is fighting for equality.

Today on The Current:

  • Devices placed in our bodies for medical reasons — such as hip replacements, vaginal meshs, or pacemakers — can be billed as miracle cures for suffering patients. But a new investigation led by CBC/Radio-Canada, the Toronto Star and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists found flaws in the way medical devices are approved and monitored in many countries, and patients who suffered as a result.
  • An otter has found its way into the koi carp pond in Vancouver's Chinatown; we check in on efforts to catch it before all the fish are gone.
  • We listen back to a 2017 interview with Harry Leslie Smith, a podcaster in his 90s who is fighting for equality.

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