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Toronto group comes together to sponsor Syrian refugee family

A group of 17 individuals in Toronto have banded together to raise money and sort out the logistics of refugee sponsorship for an eight-member family. Today, we bring you the story of the Ripple Refugee Group who have become inextricably linked in their efforts to reach out, and bring a family in.
After fleeing Syria for Lebanon, a family of 8 asylum-seekers will finally call Canada home. (CBC)
"At first we thought what we're doing is just a drop in the ocean."- member of the Ripple Refugee Group sponsoring Syrian family

In Toronto, over dinner, a group meet every few weeks a month to discuss the machinations of what is likely to be the project of their lives.

They've come together to sponsor a refugee family from Syria.

A group of 17 individuals – neighbours, co-workers, acquaintances – came together to bring an older Syrian couple to Canada, with their three adult sons, a daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters who are 5 and 7.

The group call themselves the Ripple Refugee Group and they went through what's known as the blended VISA office referral program, the easiest and fastest way to privately sponsor refugees.

Piya Chattopadhyay joined the group for dinner and brings us their story in the documentary, "The Drop."

Meet the Syrian family coming to Canada featured on The National

Refugee family's long journey to Canada

7 years ago
Duration 2:10
After fleeing Syria for Lebanon, a family of 8 asylum-seekers will finally leave for Canada next week. CBC's Rebecca Collard has their story

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