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To defeat ISIS, don't give in to fear

Fear may be fuelling much of the world's reaction to the Paris terror attacks, but fear may be exactly what a group such as ISIS wants to create.
A man loyal to ISIS in Raqqa, Syria. (Reuters)

Since the attacks on Paris on Friday, November 13, we've seen everything from cancelled soccer matches and movie premiers across Europe, to heinous attacks on Muslims and places of worship here in Canada. It seems that much of this reaction is fuelled by fear. Fear may feel like a natural response to the situation, but it may also be exactly what groups like ISIS want to create.

Following the attacks, Australian commentator Waleed Aly had this to say:

  • Lorne Dawson is the co-director of the Canadian Network for research on Terrorism, security and society. He joined us from Kitchener.
  • Margee Kerr is a sociologist and the author of "SCREAM: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear". She was in Miami.

This segment was produced by The Current's Sarah Grant, Ing Wong-Ward, and Josh Flear.