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After Paris attacks, Toronto's Opera Atelier opens defiantly

Co-Artistic Director Marshall Pynkoski says his Toronto-based opera company, Opera Atelier will perform as scheduled in Versailles, France this week. He says like other French artists, it is important to defiantly demonstrate that the arts and France will go on after the Paris attacks.
Colin Ainsworth (Renaud) and Peggy Kriha Dye (Armide) in Opera Atelier's 2015 production of Armide. (Photo by Bruce Zinger/Opera Atelier)

So... is it art imitating life or the other way around?

The majority of performers for two Toronto artistic companies - Opera Atelier and Tafelmusik - were booked to fly to Paris this past weekend for a much-anticipated several days on-stage at the historic Palace of Versailles. 

Olivier LaQuerre (Chevalier Ubalde) and Artists of Atelier Ballet. (Opera Atelier/Bruce Zinger)

They have been here in rehearsals this week and will be performing, Lully's Armide

Marshall Pynkoski is the co-artistic director of Opera Atelier.  He met Anna Maria at a cafe across from Versailles.

Peggy Kriha Dye (Armide) and Tyler Gledhill (Love). (Opera Atelier/Bruce Zinger)

Opera Atelier and Toronto's Tafelmusik perform at the Chateau de Versailles beginning Friday.

Tyler Gledhill (Love) and Peggy Kriha Dye (Armide). (Opera Atelier/Bruce Zinger)

This segment was produced by The Current's Lara O'Brien in Paris.