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The Current for November 15, 2018

Today on The Current we speak to a forensic anthropologist about the challenges they face in identifying victims in disasters like the California wildfires; we ask former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman what's in store for Canada-U.S. relations; and we discuss the ethical issues regarding gene drives, which can introduce and spread a specific genetic trait through an entire species.

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Today on The Current

  • As wildfires ravage California and the death toll continues to rise, we talk to a forensic anthropologist about the challenges in identifying victims and bringing some sense of closure to their loved ones.

  • We talk to former U.S. Ambassador Bruce Heyman about the future of Canada-U.S. relations, and how the renegotiation of NAFTA could have gone a lot smoother.

  • Gene drive technology, which can introduce and spread a specific genetic trait through an entire species, is near the point where it leaves the lab and enters the real world. Some experts are calling for a global agreement on how the technology should be deployed, which could make for a showdown between scientists and policy makers at a UN meeting on biodiversity later this week.