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The Current for November 13, 2018

Today on The Current: We look at a lawsuit taken by at least 60 Indigenous women who say they underwent forced sterilization, as recently as last year; Ballet shoes now come in brown — that's a little thing that means a lot for inclusion; and we meet the young woman convincing her Kenyan community's elders to end FGM, and celebrate women and girls a little way.

Today on The Current

  • At least 60 Indigenous women are pursuing a lawsuit alleging they were sterilized against their will, as recently as last year. Is there an issue of systemic racism within Canada's healthcare system?
  • For years, ballet shoes have only come in white. Some argue that sent a message about who belonged, but as a company announces they will now make "ballet brown" and "ballet bronze," we discuss inclusion in the ballet world, and how a little thing can mean a lot.
  • We meet the young woman fighting for an end to female genital mutilation in her Kenyan community, by convincing the elders of a better way to celebrate women and girls.

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