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Neil Strauss rethinks his pickup artist past, confesses 'The Truth' about relationships

Neil Strauss was a music journalist when he turned an assignment on pick-up artists into a book. "The Game" was controversial and wildly popular, even considered a bible for how to pick-up-women-for-sex. But after living The Game, he eventually realized it was Game Over.
Rolling Stone's author Neill Strauss, whose book The Game became a hot issue, believes his philosophy about relationships was wrong and destructive. (Rickett & Sones Photography)

To some seduction is an art. To others it's a cuthroat sport.

A decade ago, the writer Neil Strauss gained fame when his how-to guide to pickup women called "The Game" became a bestseller... and a "bro" bible for young men looking for shortcuts to sex.

The book also made Neil Strauss a very rich man. 

But in the intervening years, Neil Strauss says he's given up on playing the game... and that he's a changed man. He says he's learned that the seducer's art is based on male insecurity and fear of the opposite sex. 

His new book is called, "The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships."

Neil Strauss joined Anna Maria from Santa Monica, California.  

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