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The Current for May 6, 2019

Today on The Current: We look at what to expect from the upcoming trial of Keith Raniere, the alleged NXIVM cult leader; then, how melting permafrost is impacting northern communities and the release of greenhouse gases; plus, and a look inside a group that calls themselves the Satanic Temple.
Matt Galloway guest hosts The Current.

Today on The Current:

  • For almost two decades, NXIVM promised to help its members find self-fulfillment and personal success through courses and workshops. On Tuesday, its leader Keith Raniere will stand trial for his alleged role in the subjugation and abuse of women through the group, which the FBI has dubbed a cult. We speak to the host of the podcast Uncover: Escaping NXIVM about what to expect from the court proceedings, and hear from a woman who escaped a cult herself. 
  • As the planet warms, its normally-frozen layer of permafrost is melting, which is causing huge amounts of carbon to be released into the atmosphere. New research shows it could release 50 per cent more greenhouse gases than we thought. We talk to northerners about how it's impacting their communities, and hear from the study's lead researcher. 
  • We speak with the director of the new film Hail Satan? about a group called the Satanic Temple, and hear from the organization's co-founder about how it's working to defend pluralism.

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