The Current

The Current for May 26, 2020

Today on The Current: How provinces differ on COVID-19 testing; Rural internet access; André Picard on public gatherings; Frustration over refunds for cancelled flights
Matt Galloway is the host of CBC Radio's The Current. (CBC)

Today on The Current:

As Ontario revamps its COVID-19 testing plans, we discuss where provinces are going right — or wrong — and what they can learn from each other.

Then, it's a very different lockdown if you don't have a robust internet connection, as many rural Canadians don't. We hear from people struggling to get online, as well as an advocate for greater access, and ask Rural Economic Development Minister Maryam Monsef about the country's digital divide.

Plus, The Globe and Mail's health columnist André Picard argues that the shame game isn't the answer to people gathering in parks, and discusses what needs to happen around testing.

And finally, we hear from Canadians frustrated about how the airline industry is handling refunds for cancelled flights, and what the federal government is doing about it.

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