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Arianna Huffington calls for a Sleep Revolution

As research suggests many of us are going without adequate sleep, Arianna Huffington's new book focuses on the importance of getting enough shut-eye.

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Did you get enough sleep last night? If the answer is no, you're part of the majority of Canadians who go through most days feeling like they could use a nap.

Arianna Huffington's new book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time, aims to wake us up to the harsh realities of sleep deprivation.

I learned the hard way when, nine years ago, I collapsed from sleep deprivation and burnout, hit my head on the way down and broke my cheekbone. And as I came to in a pool of blood, I had to re-evaluate my life.- Arianna Huffington on when she realized the dangers of sleep deprivation

It became clear to Huffington that we as a society were equating long days and short nights with success. She now sees sleep deprivation as the new smoking — something we saw as harmless in the past, only to realize its seriousness later. 

But Huffington says that we are currently seeing a cultural shift when it comes to sleep. She says companies, like her own, which provide nap rooms and ones like Aetna compensating their employees for a good night's sleep, mean that people are starting to see the far-reaching effects of adequate sleep.

"[Sleep] improves our productivity and it reduces our healthcare costs," she says. 

And if you're reading this and feeling the familiar sensation of heavy eyelids, Huffington says take a nap as soon as you can.

"Naps are the only way to reset your day if, for whatever reason, you haven't gotten a good night's sleep."  - Arianna Huffington

Are you in need of a sleep revolution?

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