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The Current for May 21, 2019

Today on The Current: How likely is a U.S.-Iran war amid the escalating tensions and cryptic Twitter threats?; then, how a looted painting gave Poland’s LGBTQ community two new allies in their fight for equality; and why U.S. journalist Mark Bowden decided to revisit the disappearance and murder of two young girls, a case that haunted him for decades.
Anna Maria Tremonti hosts The Current's 17th season. (CBC)
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Today on The Current

  • Should the world be bracing for a U.S.-Iran war? We hear from the experts who have been keeping a close eye on the escalating tensions between Washington and Tehran.
  • Poland's LGBTQ community just gained a pair of unexpected allies in their fight for equality: a gay Californian couple who found the painting in their kitchen was looted from the eastern European country by the Nazis.  
  • Mark Bowden was a young reporter when two young sisters were abducted from a mall in 1975, and never found. Forty years later, police found a suspect that had been under their noses the whole time — and Bowden returned to the crime for his new book The Last Stone.

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