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Help Wanted: Executioners needed in Saudi Arabia to address workload

The job posting says eight new positions are open, civil service jobs in a country with deep ties to the U.S. and Canada, jobs often performed in Saudi Arabia, in public squares. The jobs postings are for executioners.
Saudi Arabia's King Salman. The Kingdom of Saud has posted help wanted ads... looking to hire 8 new executioners to help with workload. (REUTERS/Jim Bourg)

Last November, we spoke with Newsweek Middle East editor Janine Di Giovanni about her investigation into beheadings in Saudi Arabia. At the time the world was reeling from videos out of Syria where ISIS had beheaded captives - including American journalists and aid workers.

The practice of beheading has continued at such a pace in Saudi Arabia that the country's Ministry of the Civil Service has apparently posted a "help wanted" ad on its website, seeking to hire eight new executioners.

According to the ad, no specific experience is required for the job, which involves amputating the hands of thieves, and carrying out beheadings according to Sharia law.

Adam Coogle is a middle east researcher for Human Rights Watch we have reached him in Amman,Jordan. 

This segment was produced by The Current's Josh Bloch.