Sandra Lansky says mob boss father treated her like a princess

Sandra Lansky's dad was the notorious Meyer Lansky. Never convicted, never gunned down but widely credited with both the business acumen of a generation of organized criminals and the creation of the group of hit men called Murder Incorporated. Sandra Lansky joins us to talk about growing up in Gangland.
Sandra Lansky is the daughter of mob mastermind Meyer Lansky. She says her father was her best friend. (Courtesy of Sandra Lansky)

Meyer Lansky might not ring a bell to everyone today...But he was once one of the biggest names, and the biggest brains, behind organized crime in America. Which led to some unwanted attention. 

I have been under surveillance for many years now ... maybe for the last 10 years. And I am sure if these men didn't find anything against me who have every resource at its hand, they should know whether I'm in any wrong activities or not- Meyer Lansky

It wasn't just those men watching as Meyer Lansky helped develop the mob's so-called "National Crime Syndicate" in the United States and earned a reputation as the "mob's accountant."

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      There was also Sandra Lansky, his daughter, who watched as her father became an almost mythological figure in the world of organized crime.... "wrong activities or not."

      Sandra Lansky surely saw enough to fill a book and that's what she's done now, sharing with the world what it was like to be the daughter of Meyer Lansky.

      The book is called, "Daughter of the King: Growing up in Gangland." Sandra Lansky joined us from Tampa, Florida. 

      This segment was produced by The Current's Howard Goldenthal.