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The Current for May 10, 2019

Today on The Current: Our experts debate the pros and cons of dismantling Facebook; then, are we in a sex recession?; and our conversation with a pioneer in the movement to ban biological weapons.
Gillian Findlay is The Current's guest host.
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Today on The Current:

  • You may have had thoughts about breaking up with Facebook, by deleting your account. Now one of the company's co-founders is calling on Uncle Sam to dismantle the social media giant itself. But is it an idea worth "liking"? Our experts debate the pros and cons. 
  • A recent study from Britain found people are having less sex, even though many respondents said they wanted to be having more. We ask why sex matters, and what it says that we're going with less of it. 
  • There are few things more frightening than the spectre of biological warfare — from anthrax to weaponized viruses. We speak with the man being recognized for his pioneering work in having biological weapons banned internationally.