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Farewell tribute to The Current's Carole Ito

Today we pay tribute to one of the great unsong heroes of CBC Radio, our beloved colleague Carole Ito. She has been at the CBC for 36 years and with The Current all 14 seasons. Today is her last day at the controls at the CBC. Here is our tribute.
Carole Ito has worked in live current affairs radio forever ... working on Morningside, As It Happens and This Morning before coming to The Current.

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Today we pay tribute to one of the great unsung heroes of CBC Radio, our colleague Carole Ito.

She is the woman who has been at the controls of CBC Radio's flagship shows over the past 36 years. You name the host: Peter Gzowski, Michael Enright, Shelagh Rogers, Dick Gordon. Avril Benoit — every host  of every show in this time slot owes its voice to Carole Ito.

 Carole has been here for all 14 seasons of The Current. 

You can only imagine what can go wrong in a live studio. We lose guests, we lose the Skype connections, we get bad phone lines where guests are barely understandable...  Carole Ito fixes it all. 

She is the calmest, the most unflappable person in the building. She is a kind and generous colleague and she is also a wicked Pilates teacher.

Today is the last day for Carole Ito at the controls on The Current and we wish her well on her new adventures. 

Listen to our tribute to Carole Ito, mixed with music from a Choir! Choir! Choir! session with Carole belting out one of her favourite songs, Take it Easy by The Eagles.

We love you Carole and we will miss you.