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Stakes are high as ISIS mission creates political winners & losers

In the lead up to tonight's ISIS mission vote, the Conservatives are clear, saying the Canadian military can expand the fight against ISIS into Syria, without helping the Assad regime. But the Conservatives appear to stand alone on an issue where they insist they are strategically and morally right.
Polls show the majority of Canadians support the mission to fight ISIS and protect innocent lives, putting the Conservatives in a great position and the opposition in a difficult one. (Combat Camera/DND)

Well, it seems the government's plan to expand the current military mission has turned the House of Commons into a battle zone... all leading up to a big vote tonight, when MPs will vote on the government's motion.

At stake militarily is another 12 months of battling ISIS, or ISIL, as the group's also known, and an expansion of air strikes, beyond Iraq and into Syria.

At home, however, there's also much at stake politically for each of the parties and their leaders, as they stake out their positions on the mission... and that's the discussion we set for today, with three guests.

Heather Scoffield is Ottawa bureau chief for The Canadian Press.

Stephen Saideman is a professor of International Relations and the Patterson Chair in International Affairs at Carleton University.

Kyle Matthews is Senior Deputy Director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies at Concordia University in Montreal.

Which political party do you think has the best position on the fight against ISIS? And do you think the plan to extend the mission will be a political winner for the Conservatives... especially in this election year?

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This segment was produced by The Current's Kristin Nelson and Ottawa producer Tom Jokinen.