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Turkish ambassador defends human rights record

Turkey is fighting a messy internal battle against Kurdish separatists, facing international rebuke on human rights violations and struggling to help 2.7 million Syrian refugees within its borders. We speak to the Turkish ambassador on his country's geopolitical labyrinth.
Turkish ambassador to Canada, Selcuk Unal, warns allies against working with Kurdish groups. (

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A major agreement between Turkey and the European Union came into effect, March 20, 2016. It means migrants could now be sent right back to Turkey if their asylum applications fail. 

Turkey will receive up to 6 billion Euros for its part. The deal was struck in an effort to end Europe's ongoing migrant crisis

The plan is controversial with human rights campaigners and it's not the only controversy hanging over Turkey. From its fight against Kurdish separatists at home; questions about freedom of the press and academic freedom; and bombings in the cities of Istanbul and Ankara in recent weeks, Turkey is the subject of much discussion at the moment.

The Current's Anna Maria spoke to Turkey's ambassador to Canada, Selcuk Unal, about his country's geopolitical labyrinth. 

This segment was produced by The Current's Karin Marley.