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The Current for March 20, 2019

Today on The Current: Our political panel looks at what an unusually dramatic budget day means for the fall election; plus, we hear from advocates fighting “PJ paralysis” by getting patients out of hospital gowns and back into their normal clothes; and we look at hate online, and calls for Canada to take stronger action against far-right extremist groups.
Anna Maria Tremonti hosts the 17th season of The Current. (CBC)
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Today on The Current

  • Conservatives tried to drown out Finance Minister Bill Morneau as he delivered his budget Tuesday, in protest of the government's handling of the SNC-Lavalin affair. Our political panel dissects the drama and discusses what it means for the fall election.
  • The hospital gown may not seem like the worst part of a long stay at a medical facility, but some advocates are arguing it contributes to what they call "PJ paralysis," and can slow recovery. We speak to health-care professionals trying to get patients out of bed, dressed in their own clothes and moving around.
  • In the wake of the attacks on two mosques in New Zealand, there are calls for social media companies and the government to do more to tackle the way hate and extremism are spread online. We speak to three experts about the challenge, and how to tackle it.