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Checking-In on Generation Z, Canada's Iraq Mission & Parent's Expectations

The Current's Friday host David Common joins Anna Maria in studio to help go through listener feedback on the stories we've aired ... from defining Generation Z to gay parents wishing their kids are gay and an update on a Reverend from Toronto who is detained in North Korea.
David Common is the host of World Report. Friday he'll be hosting The Current and he joined Anna Maria today to look back at the week that was through listener feedback. (CBC)

To help go through your feedback on the stories we brought you, Anna Maria was joined in studio by The Current's Friday host this week, David Common.... who is of course the weekday host of CBC Radio One's World Report.  

Tomorrow on the show, we'll bring you a story about the limits of privacy as you pass through airports. It involves a case of a Canadian man who was travelling through the Halifax airport and was stopped by officials with the Canadian Border Service Agency. He was asked to give them the password to his smartphone so that they could search it and he refused. The Canadian man was charged. And now, there's some thought that the case could set a precedent for what Border Service agents can and should be able to ask of you.

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This segment was produced by Marc Apollonio, Sarah Grant and Carlos Van Leeuwen.