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Bertrand Charest faces 47 sex abuse charges, an alleged victim speaks out

When she found out this year that the man fired over allegations of sexual conduct was back coaching, she went to the police and broke an almost 20 year silence. Today we hear from a former elite skier who initiated the first complaint in the charges filed against former Alpine Canada ski coach Bertrand Charest.
Bertrand Charest, a former Team Canada junior ski coach, appeared in court yesterday to face 47 charges related to the sexual abuse of minors. (CBC)

She's spent her life on the slopes — as one of the best. An elite skier... both in Canada and internationally.

But in her past, she claims there was a horrific tale.... one that she's only now ready to tell. It dates back to when the star athlete was still a young teenager, when she alleges her own Alpine Canada national coach sexually abused her.

Last Friday, that coach, Bertrand Charest, was arrested on several sex abuse charges, including aggravated sexual assault. Our guest this morning was the first to go to police. Since then, seven others have come forward with similar allegations and Bertrand Charest now faces 47 sexual abuse related charges.

Bertrand Charest was released last Saturday, after one night in jail. But was re-arrested yesterday, and remains in custody now, ahead of a court appearance tomorrow. None of the allegations against him has been proven in court.

My first goal was to just get him off the ski hill this year, so that young girls wouldn't go through what I went through.-  "G", explains why she came forward to police 

 And because of a publication ban, we're protecting the identity of our guest today... we'll be calling her "G", and we've altered her voice for this interview. 

We did contact Peter Goodman of the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation - the CSCF .... he wouldn't agree to an interview, but The Current producers have seen the emails that went between "G" and Mr. Goodman. He also confirmed with our producer the situation G has described regarding CSCF, and the timing of the implementation of the code of conduct.

According to the ski resort where he was last working, Bertrand Charest was hired in part because he was a licensed coach with CSCF. The Current also made calls to Bertrand Charest's lawyer but has received no response. As of this morning he has yet to enter a plea.

We have also reached out to Alpine Canada, and it said it would not comment because the case is before the courts.

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This segment was produced by Halifax Network Producer, Mary Lynk.