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The Current for June 7, 2019

Today on The Current: As the Women's World Cup tournament opens in France, we examine how compensation for the players compares to the men's game; then, married with kids versus single ladies — who’s happier?; plus, exploring the value (and difficulty) of turning away from our screens.
Piya Chattopadhyay is today's guest host of The Current. (CBC)
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Today on The Current

  • The Women's World Cup kicks off in France today, and FIFA is expecting record-breaking viewership numbers. But advocates for women in soccer say the organisation — and the world — still don't take the sport seriously.
  • A new book suggests that while society expects them to be sad and lonely, single women who don't have children are actually a very happy population. Not everyone agrees with the idea, however. We chat with the author, as well as people on either side of the debate.
  • A lot of people would agree that they spend too much time staring at a screen — but many of us still have a hard time tearing ourselves away. We talk to two people who want you to put down your phone, and think about the "attention economy."