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'Disaster Heroes' tells story of everyday people who step up in crisis

We look at a new book, "Disaster Heroes", that tells the stories of the anonymous, ordinary people that volunteer to help in times of catastrophe.
Florida landscaper-by-day Scott Lewis commanding food distribution operations following the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Lewis is one of the many people profiled in the book "Disaster Heroes." (Jeff Waycott)

Suzanne Bernier is an emergency management consultant, but she's taken a step back from the action to write a book about those helpers who are also known as heroes. 

Ms. Bernier joined us in our Toronto studio to talk about her book, "Disaster Heroes: Invisible Champions of Help, Hope and Healing". 

Ronnie Goldman is one of the people profiled in her book. He joined us from New Orleans. 

This segment was produced by The Current's Liz Hoath.

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