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Disability advocates push for more accessible clothing

Stephanie Thomas, a Disability Fashion Stylist for Cur8able, says there's a need for designers to design for people with disabilities because mainstream clothing available is not accessible, or stylish, for that matter.
'Mainstream clothing is not accessible, smart or stylish for disabled people,' says Stephanie Thomas, DIsability Fashion Stylist of Cur8able (

Back in April, we spoke with advocates who were calling for an overhaul on how we label clothing and models. We heard from Yael Tygiel, a TV host and blogger who modeled for the "drop-the-plus" campaign.

But it is not just the plus size industry that's undergoing a makeover. The disabled fashion industry is also transforming itself. 

It iseasier to buy fashion for a pet than for someone with a seated body type.- Stephanie Thomas, Disability Fashion Stylist

Stephanie Thomas is a Disability Fashion Stylist who runs the blog, Her campaign - PJ Deejay - helped raise awareness for better clothing for people living with disabilities. She joined us now from Los Angeles. 

This segment was produced by The Current's Sarah Grant.