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The Current for June 29, 2021

Today on The Current: Former residential school now a place to teach and celebrate Siksika culture; vaccine inequity around the world; designing homes equipped to beat the heat; and Sous Sous, the 10-year-old drag queen.
Matt Galloway is the host of CBC Radio's The Current. (CBC)

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Today on The Current:

When the Old Sun Indian Residential School closed in 1969, the Siksika First Nation repurposed the building as Old Sun Community College, a place to teach and celebrate their culture and traditional knowledge. We speak to Vivian Ayoungman, who was forced to attend the residential school in the 1950s, but now teaches in the same building. 

Plus, vaccines are flowing in Canada, but that's not the case in many countries, where issues around supply and access are having serious consequences. We talk to Dr. Vishi Beharry, a family physician and president of the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association; Dr. Brenda Okware, a public health specialist in Uganda, and the scientific co-ordinator of the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition; and Itai Rusike, a public health activist in Zimbabwe.

Then, Western Canada is in the grip of a record-breaking heat wave, with people being told to take refuge indoors. But what if your home isn't equipped to beat the heat? We speak with Hannah Teicher, researcher-in-residence at the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions in B.C., about concerns around buildings that aren't designed to deal with high temperatures.

And like many people, 10-year-old Ozzy Horvath developed a passion project in the pandemic: but his was his drag alter ego Sous Sous. He tells us about creating Sous Sous, and how she's been a part of what he's learned about himself.