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Happiness by design: how searching for joy can make us sad

Books that have sold millions urge you to visualize and actualize your way to a happier life. But our producer Liz Hoath has discovered others who argue that working with a little negativity can also lead to you to happiness.
Is it possible to have happiness by design? Our producer Liz Hoath attempts to find the answer with Spandy Andy, who describes his work as spreading happiness in public.

From little things such as an office cubicle to majestic structures such as Frank Gehry's buildings, our project By Design has taken on the whole gamut this season.

But we leave off with something different: we're asking whether it's possible to achieve happiness... by design.

And our skeptical producer Liz Hoath took on the challenge to search for the answers.

"When you see someone dancing in spandex spreading pure happiness you have to smile"- Spandy Andy

Spandy Andy & Liz Hoath spread happiness through dance.

Spandy Andy spreads happiness

8 years ago
Duration 3:38
Featured VideoSpandy Andy dresses in spandex and dances in public to spread happiness. He enlists The Current's Liz Hoath to inspire a group of school kids on a field trip to English Bay in Vancouver - to join the fun.

What makes you happy?

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This segment was produced by The Current's Elizabeth Hoath and Joan Webber.