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Architect Frank Gehry transforming cities: 'Why put up with banality?'

To this day, Canadian-born architect Frank Gehry says when he walks into one of his new buildings, he still sees the flaws first. As we wrap up our season-long project, By Design, we speak to the man considered to be the most important architect of our age.
Canadian-born architect Frank Gehry has been called the most important architect of our age. (REUTERS/Benoit Tessier )

"When I started out, I hated the way the cities looked. But I found some pleasure in looking at the spaces between buildings." - Frank Gehry

This season, our project By Design has been exploring the many ways design affects our lives.

Today, we cap it all off by speaking with one of the greatest designing minds alive today. 

Architect Frank Gehry was born and raised in Canada. Los Angeles is now his home base. And his canvas is the world. He's developed a style all his own -- with breathtaking and often sensual structures, including the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

Here are just a few of the many designs by Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry made headlines last year when he gave reporters the finger at a press conference. And as you will hear, he also uses some strong language when he shares his opinions.

At 86-years-old, he is still going strong. Anna Maria spoke with Frank Gehry yesterday, in Toronto.

Listen to a few outtakes from our conversation:

Frank Gehry on Humility and Insecurity 1:28
Frank Gehry on his complex relationship with famed American Sculptor Richard Serra, plus thoughts on beauty versus function 2:18
Frank Gehry on everyday inspirations and accidents 1:31

Do you have any favourite work by Frank Gehry? Maybe you have a picture to share visiting one of his iconic structures?

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This segment was produced by Halifax Network Producer, Mary Lynk. 

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