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How does Donald Trump get away with so much profanity in public?

From rude, lewd language on the lectern to female genitalia references on t-shirts, there's nothing politically correct about a Trump rally. The Current looks into what you don't hear in the coverage of Donald Trump.
Unlike other candidates who would get into trouble for swearing, Donald Trump uses profanities freely on the campaign trail and gets applause. (Jonathan Drake/Reuters)

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It's become a hallmark for Donald Trump to use profanity in public appearances. From rude, lewd language on the lectern to female genitalia references on t-shirts, there's nothing politically-correct about a Trump rally. 

What's the difference between a wet raccoon and Donald J. Trump's hair?  A wet raccoon doesn't have $7 billion f---king in the bank.- Donald Trump

And while most other public figures wouldn't dare swear like a sailor, it doesn't seem to diminish Donald Trump's appeal.

TIME political correspondent, Jay Newton-Small, who has been covering Trump's campaign says the profanity is "part of the character he portrays." She tells The Current's Anna Maria Tremonti that not being politically correct appeals to his supporters.

"It's partly his schtick. He tells people 'look I'm one of you, I'm not just a billionaire, I'm a regular guy and I talk like you."

She explains how the presumptive Republican presidential nominee reflects a persona supporters can identify with. 

"It's those supporters who really just hate the establishment, they like when Donald Trump is blowing things up … going off script … they love it when he swears." 

It's not easy covering a live event with Trump on the mic. Even with TV stations on the ready with censor bleeps on overdrive, Newton-Small says sometimes you're just not fast enough.

"In New Hampshire when he used a swear word … I don't think they had time to bleep it out because it was live so I think they just took a fine from the FCC."

While profanity is par for the course with Trump, it's irony that becomes shocking when in February, he demanded Vincente Fox apologize for wait for it …. swearing.  

"I think he should apologize for his foul mouth. I think it's a disgusting thing that he said," Trump told a CNN reporter.

So how does he get away with it? Newton-Small says he can do what others can't.

"Donald Trump is really good at saying one thing and doing another. They call him 'Teflon Don' because nothing really sticks to him."

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