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The Current for June 14, 2022

Today on The Current: How classes in agriculture and baseball could rejuvenate rural schools in Alberta; hearings into Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot; Kimberly Murray on helping Indigenous communities heal; and journalist, Indigenous expert missing in the Amazon rainforest.
Matt Galloway is the host of CBC Radio's The Current. (CBC)

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Today on The Current:

A school principal is trying to attract new families to small-town Alberta by setting up schools of excellence, focused on agriculture and baseball. The CBC's Bryan Labby tells host Matt Galloway more.

Then, hearings into the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol are exploring the role of the Republican Party and former president Donald Trump. We talk to Washington Post reporter Amber Phillips; John Fund, a columnist for the National Review; and Molly Jong-Fast, a contributor to The Atlantic.

Plus, Kimberly Murray was recently appointed as special interlocutor to co-ordinate the government's response to unmarked graves at residential schools. She explains how she hopes to help Indigenous communities in their healing process.

And Indigenous expert Bruno Pereira and journalist Dom Phillips have disappeared in the Amazon rainforest. We discuss their work and Brazil's broken relationship with Indigenous communities, with Ana Alfinito of the NGO Amazon Watch; and Leonardo Barros Soares, a political science professor at the Federal University of Viçosa in Brazil.

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