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Me, Myself and Us: How our personalities shape our lives

Who are you really? Psychologist Brian Little thinks we have a tendency to see ourselves as one type of individual... An extrovert or a neurotic but says we are much more complex. He gets into our heads and explains why the phrase "personality type" is an oxymoron.
Walt Whitman once wrote, "I am large, I contain multitudes." Turns out, he was on to something. Canadian personality psychologist Brian Little tells us how the thinking has changed around how we pigeon hole people into personality categories. (Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn)

Chapter one of Brian Little's book starts with a quote:  

"Every person is, in certain respects like all other people, like some other people and like no other person." 

The book is called "Me, Myself and Us - The Science of Personality and the Art of Well Being." 

It delves into the fascinating and complex world of personality psychology from a man who's studied and lectured in the field for decades. 

Brian Little is a Fellow of the Well-Being Institute at Cambridge University. He divides his time between Cambridge and Ottawa where he is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus at Carleton University. 

Brian Little spoke with Anna Maria Tremonti, on The Current, in October.    

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