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The Current for July 31, 2020

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grilled over WE Charity scandal, Migrant worker fired, facing deportation after voicing COVID-19 fears, Migrant workers need more protections, lawyer says, 3 billion animals killed, displaced during Australian wildfires

Today on The Current:

On Thursday, Prime minister Justin Trudeau was grilled by opposition MPs about his role in the controversy over awarding a $900 million dollar contract to WE charity. Our National Affairs Panel unpacks his testimony. 

Luis Gabriel Flores-Flores's bunkmate, Juan Lopez Chaparro, died in late June from COVID-19.while they were working on a farm in southwestern Ontario. Like hundreds of other migrant workers, Flores contracted the disease. But when he raised concerns about unsafe conditions on Scottlyn Farms, he says he was fired and now faces deportation. We hear from both  Flores and the owner of ScotLynn Group, Scott Biddle.   

How much protection do migrant workers have when they come to Canada for work? Sharaf Sultan, principal at  Sultan Lawyers, is calling for more protections through Canada's immigration laws. 

A new analysis estimates that three billion animals were either killed or displaced by Australia's record-breaking 2019/2020 fire season. Chris Dickman, professor in ecology at the University of Sydney, led the research for this study. He explains the process behind tallying the numbers.

The New Yorker's Jill Lepore takes a look back at how the polio vaccine saved lives and changed the course of history, and how resistance to it may be repeated in the era of COVID-19.

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