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The Current for July 27, 2020

How Donald Trump's upbringing shaped his "dangerous leadership" style, Vancouver starts to lift care-home restrictions, MLB players take a knee with Black Live Matter protests, making a difference for Downtown Eastside's Indigenous people
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Today on The Current

First, author and psychologist Mary Trump's new book reveals how Donald Trump's upbringing shaped his "dangerous" leadership style. 

Then, a Vancouver man is counting down the days until he can hug his 92-year-old father again as the province begins lifts some of the restrictions on visitors to long-term care homes.

And Opening Day for Major League baseball looked a lot different this year - and Covid-19 was only part of that. Players from teams around the league took a knee in solidarity with Black Live Matter protests, in contrast to years past team management and the league itself supported it wholeheartedly.

And finally, we go to Vancouver's Downtown Eastside where one man is trying to make a difference for Indigenous people's living in there.

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