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The Current for July 26, 2021

Today on The Current: Why Canadian nurses are leaving the profession and how they are struggling during the pandemic; plus, we revisit our interview with Canadian baseball legend Fergie Jenkins on his career and legacy.

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Today on The Current:

The pandemic has taken its toll on nurses. Some are leaving the profession, while others are burned out, working long hours and trying to provide sufficient care amid staffing shortages. To discuss how we can alleviate the pressures on nurses, as well as how we can attract more Canadians to the profession, guest host Robyn Bresnahan talks to two nurses about their experiences. We also speak to Kim McMillan, assistant professor of nursing and health sciences at University of Ottawa. 

Plus, we revisit Matt Galloway's interview with Canadian baseball legend Fergie Jenkins following the announcement that the Chicago Cubs will erect a statue of him outside Wrigley Field. He tells us about a career that took him from Chatham, Ont., to Chicago and his time playing for the Harlem Globetrotters.