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Loneliness is on the rise in the age of connectivity

It can be tough out there, all on your own. Even in our hyper-connected age where we celebrate the single life, and going-it-alone, loneliness can still haunt many of our lives. Today we're asking why there's stigma around feeling lonely, especially when the lonely are hardly alone.
Do you ever get lonely? Turns out, you're not alone. Why is it so hard to talk about loneliness? (Kalexander2010/Flickr cc)

That lonely-hearted feeling. It's something that's moved many a songwriter to pen a weepy tune.

But when it comes to talking out loud about feeling lonely today, it's a subject that's still surprisingly taboo.

We live in a culture that prizes independence and self-reliance as markers of success. People stay single longer... and live alone more than ever. And our technological tools promise to make keeping in touch with friends -- or setting up a date -- as easy as swiping a screen.

But if it all leaves you with a sense of creeping isolation... then you're definitely not alone.

One quarter of Canadians who live by themselves report feeling lonely.

Today we're asking why it's still something we may find difficult to admit to... or talk about. 

  • Briony Smith is an entertainment editor at Flare Magazine.
  • Ami Rokach is an instructor at York University in the Psychology Department and a clinical psychologist. 
  • Dave Eddie is the author of "Damage Control" and a columnist for the Globe and Mail. 
One quarter of Canadians who live by themselves report feeling lonely. (stanley yuu/Flickr cc)

Do you ever get lonely... even with people around you? Do you feel like you can talk about your loneliness?

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This segment was produced by The Current's Pacinthe Mattar, Shannon Higgins and Amil Niazi. 


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