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The Current for July 1, 2020

Today on The Current: New Canadians on coming to Canada, National affairs panel on the year so far, and Dave & Morley take a trip to the cottage: Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe.
Rosemary Barton guest hosts a special Canada Day edition of The Current. (CBC)

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This year, July 1 won't be like past Canada Days. But one thing that stays the same are the thousands of people who choose to make Canada their home each year. We hear what new Canadians have to say about what it means to be Canadian. 

Then, even before the pandemic, 2020 was already a tumultuous year for Canada, from Wet'suwet'en to the Ukrainian airline and Nova Scotia tragedies. Our national affairs panel — Vaughn Palmer, provincial affairs political columnist for the Vancouver Sun; award-winning journalist and author Tanya Talaga; and Emilie Nicolas, columnist for Le Devoir — will be here to reflect on where we've been, and how we move forward.

Finally, back by popular demand, a special presentation from the archives of Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe. We hear about Dave and Morley's trip to the cottage.