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The Current for January 8, 2019

Today on The Current: Will a new Vancouver program that supplies opioid pills to entrenched addicts help to prevent overdoses?; plus, a new Netflix show extols the benefits of a tidy, organized life, but do some people just need to be messy?; and we look at the allegations of sexual abuse made by players on Afghanistan's women's soccer team.
Anna Maria Tremonti has been the host of CBC Radio One's The Current since it first began in November of 2002. (CBC)
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Today on The Current:

  • Fifty people who use street drugs will be regularly prescribed opioid pills to crush up and inject, as part of a new "safe supply" program launching in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Can the initiative help entrenched addicts avoid overdoses?
  • As organizing consultant and global sensation Marie Kondo's new Netflix show extols the benefits of a tidy life, we look at whether some people just need to be messy.
  • In 2007, a group of women in Afghanistan came together to play soccer under their nation's flag for the first time, after years of living under Taliban rule. But after some players came forward alleging physical and sexual abuse and harassment by members of the Afghanistan Football Federation, that beautiful dream for the beautiful game turned dark. We talk to the team's founding captain, Khalida Popal.

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