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The Current for January 4, 2019

Today on The Current: A Toronto city councillor alleges abuse on the campaign trail and describes what she calls "the Trumping" of our politics; we look at how AI could bring automation into workplaces — like the legal profession — where we previously thought no robot could match a human; and we meet the young woman convincing her Kenyan community's elders to end female genital mutilation, and celebrate women and girls in a different way.
Geoff Turner guest hosts The Current.

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Today on The Current:

  • Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam won her seat for the third time in last fall's municipal elections, but only after what she has since called "the Trumping" of our politics: a campaign of lies, threats and abuse, all stirred up on social media. We speak to her about her allegations, and the wider implications that social media has for our democracy.
  • Machines have been doing repetitive, physical work for years, and edging out the blue-collar workforces that relied on that work for their livelihoods. But as artificial intelligence advances, it's finding a foothold in professional fields that require human judgment and creative thinking. What does the future of automation really look like?
  • We listen back to an interview with a young woman fighting for an end to female genital mutilation in her Kenyan community, by convincing the elders of a better way to celebrate women and girls.