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The Current for January 15, 2019

Today on The Current: We continue our One Bullet series by exploring the murder of Lynn Kalmring, who was shot to death by her common-law partner in 2011; plus, we look at the limited counselling and support available to jurors who take on traumatic trials; and our political panel discusses the latest Liberal cabinet shuffle and the looming fall election.
Anna Maria Tremonti hosts The Current's 17th season. (CBC)
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Today on The Current

  • Four out of five victims in solved homicides are known to their killer. That was exactly the case for Lynn Kalmring, who was shot and killed by her common-law partner in 2011. As part of our One Bullet series, we look at the dramatic effect her death continues to have on the people close to her.
  • Jurors are often expected to examine extremely violent and disturbing cases, but despite a report urging change, advocates argue there is still a lack of counselling and support. We continue our One Bullet series with a look at the emotional toll that can come with doing your civic duty.
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with his newly reshuffled cabinet in Quebec later this week — and the election this fall is sure to be on the agenda. We gather a political panel to discuss how the Liberal government is performing in Canada, and on the world stage.

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