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The Current for January 11, 2019

Today on The Current: We look at a U.S. company claiming it deserves compensation over Canada’s plans to phase out coal; plus we take a look inside the world of pugs and those who love them; and what could be causing repeating fast radio bursts like the one detected by the Canadian telescope CHIME.
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Today on The Current:

  • Canadian plans to stop using coal have left one U.S. company crying foul. Westmoreland Coal owns seven Canadian coal mines, and claims that it should be receiving part of the $2 billion in government compensation being offered to the Canadian companies being told to phase out operations. The company has filed suit under NAFTA's Chapter 11, and some say similar cases may follow.

  • Pug owners say they're never more than a pug-hug away from a better day, and if you take a peek at Instagram, you'll find plenty of people who adore their pug-faced pooches. It's clear that pugs' popularity is on the rise, but so too are the health problems associated with the breed. We take a look inside the world of pugs and those who love them.

  • The Canadian telescope CHIME has found a repeating fast radio burst in deep space, only the second of its kind to be discovered. We look at some of the theories around what causes the phenomenon — and why some scientists are cautioning that it's probably not aliens.