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The Current for Jan. 27, 2022

Today on The Current: Migration policies under scrutiny after family found frozen to death near U.S. border; essential workers on the pandemic and what they want to see happen next; and Russia's Ambassador to Canada Oleg Stepanov on rising Ukraine-Russia tensions.
Matt Galloway is the host of CBC Radio's The Current. (CBC)

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Today on The Current:

A family of four was found frozen to death in Manitoba last week, after trying to walk across the border into the United States. They are reported to be from Gujarat, a prosperous state in India. Matt Galloway talks to reporter Vaibhav Jha in Gujarat; and discusses the migration policies that give rise to these desperate journeys with Craig Smith, a senior research associate with the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and integration at Ryerson University. 

Plus, we continue our Work in Progress series, talking to essential workers about their experience in the pandemic — and what they want to see happen next. We talk to Danielle Turpin, who left her job as a personal support worker and started a co-op for PSWs in her area; and Stephanie Ross, director of the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University.

And tensions remain high on the Russia-Ukraine border. The U.S. says an invasion may be imminent, Russia says no such thing is planned, and countries like Canada are sending support to Ukraine. Matt Galloway talks to Russia's Ambassador to Canada Oleg Stepanov; and Roland Paris, a former foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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